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about us

About Us

Weighing Engineering is a European specialist in the engineering and design of weighbridges, weighbridge automation and weighing in-motion systems. With our first-in-class software and continuous R&D we have been optimizing customer needs for the past 40 years.

Through our long-standing strategic partnerships, we have become the one-stop-shop for all weighbridge equipment and software needs of our customers.

We have developed an excellence in design, conception, product development and we work closely with our experienced team and strategic partners to meet our customers’ specific needs following the highest quality standards.

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Our solutions of weighbridges and systems in various sectors are as following:

Building Materials & Mines

Heavy duty weighbridges for overloaded trucks (quarries)...


Construction & Engineering

Portable weighbridges for frequent relocations...


Food & Agricultural Industry

Wider and low-cost weighbridges...


Oil & Chemical Industries

ATEX weighbridge loading systems..


Recycling & Waste Industry

High speed unattended weighbridges (with gate barriers, traffic lights...



Special software of theoretical net weight calculation and comparison with actual...


Public Sector HS WIM & LS WIM Systems

For road security, customs control and tolling systems...


Why choose us

Weighing Engineering has 40 years experience on weighbridge conceptual design, calculation, construction, and weighbridge automation from simple projects, up to more complicated ones local or International.

Our weighbridges are over performing in very harsh and demanding environments to the full satisfaction of our customers.

Our quality products and experience place us among the serious weighbridge and weighbridge automation suppliers, on a world scale, with export and international projects experience.

We have supplied many thousands of successful weighbridges directly or through our partners for various applications such as cement, oil, mineral, waste, agricultural, food, chemical industries etc.

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