Weighing Engineering is a European specialist in the engineering and design of weighbridges, weighbridge automation and weighing in-motion systems. 

Weighing Engineering is a European specialist in the engineering and design of weighbridges, weighbridge automation and weighing in-motion systems.

With our first-in-class software and continuous R&D we have been optimizing customer needs for the past 40 years.

Through our long-standing strategic partnerships, we have become the one-stop-shop for all weighbridge equipment and software needs of our customers.

We are exclusive sales export distributor and service center of all LEON ENGINEERING product line.logo leon engineering

We have developed an excellence in design, conception, product development and we work closely with our experienced team and strategic partners to meet our customers’ specific needs following the highest quality standards.

We also manage the integration of products from top-tier manufacturers into our systems.

With strategic production partners in Greece and a know-how spanning over 40 years, we have been the supplier of choice for blue-chip customers looking for reliability, quality, engineering know-how and extraordinary customer support and service.

We are the supplier of choice for major global players across our core industries including public sector projects, cement, waste management, bulk construction, hazardous areas weighing, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, and others, with one of the highest retention rates amongst our clients.

Our global network of distributors, OEMs and manufacturers are at the core of our growth. With a presence in 50+ countries we are uniquely positioned to offer premium quality with service and competitive pricing anywhere in the world.

Weighing Engineering is always looking for new technology partnerships and ventures in specific geographic areas.

Our weighbridge design:
  • We have designed a wide range of weighbridge models covering almost every need met in different markets.
  • All our weighbridge structures are calculated using FINITE ELEMENTS analysis.
All our weighbridges have
the following common
  • We use thick and wide load cell foundation plates, to avoid foundation civil works if a weighbridge is placed on existing reinforced concrete ground surface.
  • For other types of existing foundations (asphalt, compacted gravel) if one wants to avoid civil works for foundations we propose our steel foundation kit.
  • It is then possible to easily relocate the weighbridge, a very good solution for temporary sites, renting places, construction sites etc.
  • In all other cases we provide detailed civil drawings for on-site construction of Foundation civil works.
  • Our standard weighbridges are designed to with stand 10 or 15 or 20 t per axle on different dimensions of 4-36 m and 3 m width.
  • Other capacities and widths are available upon request.
  • We offer hot galvanized or C3 or C4 painting options.
  • All weighbridges and accessories comply with European and OIML requirements for trade applications.