Portable Axle Weighing System PORTA-WIM

Portable System PORTA-WIM is a very interesting alternative for fast and occasional weighing of overload vehicles has the following characteristic features.

Portable Weighing Systems PORTA-WIM is used for law enforcement weighing by state authorities and in the private sector for checking the load of vehicles – i.e. in transport companies and industrial or construction plants.

Portable Weighing System the PORTA-WIM was designed for weighing axles and total vehicle weight. Thin and lightweight weighing device combines the reliability of strain gauge scales with high mobility in everyday operation. The system ensures exceptional operability in vehicle weighing. Site preparation takes only a few minutes.

Basic features

  • Capturing axle overloading and their groups
  • Determination of Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)
  • High mobility
  • Time-saving Weigh-in-Motion mode
  • All-year operation
  • Large weighing surface
  • Thin and light weighing device
  • Reducing weighing errors using plastic mats
  • High quality and long life
  • Certification for both commercial weighing and for official Law Enforcement
  • Optional translation into national language of operator


Max. Measurable Load (per wheel / per axle) 10 000 / 20 000 kg
Min. Measurable Load (per wheel / per axle) 200 / 500 kg
Number of Weighed Axles Unlimited
Approved scale interval “e” / adjustable scale interval “d” 20 / 10, 20, 50 kg
Max. Overcrossing Speed 5 km/h
Max. Vehicle Speed for Weigh-in-motion 5 km/h
Min. Vehicle Speed for Weigh-in-motion 1 km/h
Accuracy Class of Weigh-in-motion According to OIML R134 2
Accuracy Class of Static Weighing According to EN 45501 IV
Weighpad Dimensions l x w x h: 763 x (491 up to 580) x 19,5mm
Weighpad Weight 18 up to 23,6 kg
EC type-approval certificate Available on request