Turn Key Weighbridge Automation System

Our engineering department can analyze - design and install all sorts of weighbridge automation systems such as:

-weighbridges without operator with unattendant terminals, barriers and traffic lights at entry and exit of weighbridges

-Identification of drivers is made either through RFID cards or plate recognition system.

-automatic weighbridge systems with vehicle plate recognition cameras, and/or photo cameras (SUPER INSPECTOR system)

-automatic trucks loading systems through weighbridge for cement factories, and refineries.

Basic features

  • 2 x Barriers Entry / Exit
  • 2 x Traffic Lights
  • 2 x Remote Display Terminal RDT-18 P
  • 1 x Double Induction Loop
  • 1 x Industrial PC factory pre-programmed
  • 1 x Manual Barrier Control
  • 1 x Weighing Software (AWIS + WIS)
  • 1 x Laser Printer
  • 1 x Surge Protection and Control Panel
  • 1 x Indicator LD5218 al.
  • 1 x RFID Reader/ Programmer
  • 100 x RFID cards pre-printed
  • 1 x Cable set

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